Birthday Bash.

My dearest readers let me first apologize for my untimely absence.

It’s been a little crazy lately especially this weekend. Early release Thursday, no school Friday, and then a late start Monday.

This weekend was filled with nothing, nuh-thing but partying (birthday partying in particular). So I think it’s appropriate that today happens to be the blogs 1st Birthday!

A big thanks to everyone reading.

Today was super sunny, a little brisk but sunshiny goodness none the less.


Kenneth Cole vinyl jacket and sweater, Raybans, Nina heels, Random pearl necklace, and a childs skirt from target

While on a trip to Portland we ran into this fabric store we’ve driven by for years and have meant to go in it but we just kept forgetting.

It’s called the whole 9 yards.

There we met Gussy an adorable rottweiler/german shepherd mix who was very snoozy.

We also came across a section of adorable childrens fabric.

The little robots killed me man. I wanted to buy it all but had no clue what I’d make out of it.

After a silly stroll through our new go-to fabric store we ate lunch at East Burn right down the street.

The roasted palentas here are insane they’re soooo good. and filling.

Mom ordered some white bean soup while I went with a voagie and a salad (their champagne vinaigrette is delicious!)

We also hit up this awesome cement place on Burnside.

If only the little baja sign could have come home with us..We met another dog named Rosy and she is from Mexico.

She was sooo soft.

I hope everyone had a good Monday, I’m off to tennis practice.



favorite Oscar dress goes to Elizabeth Banks in Versace!


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