Weekend Wear.

It’s been a long weekend kids.

I went ice skating yesterday with some friends, it was Emma’s birthday!!

Although there were only a few falls (caused by tripping over other friends that had fallen and in my adorable friend Alyson’s case….checking out a passing boy and flipping her hair.. sadly my friend Nike dislocated her knee and tore a ligament…) Thanks to Jane I discovered Taro Gomi coloring books while at Barnes & Nobel today….my mom bought Squiggles while I went with Scribbles.

“The passengers are throwing confetti”

And what I wore the other day.


BCBG heels, the ring, Kenneth Cole watch, Nicole Lee bag,necklace from India,

F21 jeans and t, American Eagle jean shirt, Awesome military jacket.

So the other day while shopping for friends presents I saw this ring.

HUGE green amethyst with diamonds all around it on a silver band.

I’d seen the same ring somewhere else for an insane price tag and fell in love with it. This one happened to be at a lovely department store sitting on a sale rack.

Somehow scored it for practically nothing. I’m still in shock…

These shoes are size 6 narrow and KILL my feet. But the patent cap toe is just too cute to abandon.

Hope everyone’s weekend was better than mine.



Runner up for best Oscar dress goes to Vera Farmiga in Marchesa!


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  1. Nike

    yes that was quite tragic lol.

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