Weekend Adventures

So we ran around Portland all weekend and stopped by Saint Cupcake to pick up a few delicious goodies.

The flowers outside of Zupan’s were really pretty. I couldn’t resist the roses!


Nordstrom BP boyfriend blazer, Lucky Brand carpenter pants, Givenchy pearls, Anne Michelle heels,

GAP tissue tee, Snake cuff and Juicy Couture tote thats hidden by my blazer…

This is probably one of the greatest statement pieces ever. I scooped it up while I was in Salt Lake.

We had tons of fun at Saint Cupcake.

The sprinkle wall made me really happy. We ended up with a box of carrot cake dots.

Soooooooo good…

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m exausted.



I fall pretty easy for nail polish…and Essie’s earned so many brownie points I’m in love with everything they do.

They hooked me with Mint candy apple from their winter collection and the entire spring collection of lilacs, bubblegum pinks and tart oranges rendered me speechless.

But the resort collection tops everything because of one thing.

Periwinkle. They made the perfect periwinkle. It’s official name is Lapris of Luxory….rest assured it will be mine.


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