Mouse Trap

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I carry around in a purse from day to day and I figured I’d dump everything out of my big juicy bag and show you.

Sunglasses, my iPhone that i’m permanently glued to, some mini nail polish (this is essie’s new turqouise and caicos), keys, wallet, some antistress blackberry tea, my bejeweled measuring tape, lipgloss, mascara, powder, magnifying compact, a few portable scents (viva la juicy and harajuku lovers lil angel) , a cannon G11, some magazines (usually vogue, teen vogue or vanity fair), a great pen and my little danish gnome (for luck)

I dunno if anyone remembers the Marc Jacobs mouse flats that were all rubber and came out in oh…I dunno like fall ’08?

Well while perusing through saks I saw a gorgeous patent blue flat and stopped dead in my tracks. These flats had ears, whiskers and a tail…and I realized something. These weren’t just any pair of overpriced patent leather flats…they were the new marc jacobs mouse flats!

Are those not the most gorgeous things you’ve ever seen! I only a few pairs of flats…some Calvin kleins, springy Burberrys, a great pair of Anne Kleins and some basic black BCBG paris flats.

I may love heels more than anything, but this may be a pair of flats I just can’t live without.


The stitched tail on the back is ah-dorable.

This weekend was the best, went to a few parties,

had a spa day (olive oil treatment, anti stress chocolate mask, aromatherapy candles etc.) and started working on my dress for prom.

Isn’t the fabric incredible? I’m a sucker for silky chiffons.

May has finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier, my birthday’s just around the corner and in a number of days I’ll finally turn 16!



finally bought the essie resort collection and am in love with it! Lapis of Luxory is currently residing on my fingers. Also, these MJ flats not only come in an array of colors but have a sister gem version:


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