Sea Legs

Prom and my birthday were yesterday! Had the best time. Between switching limo’s, getting hit on at PF Changs and the chocolate fountain it made for an interesting night. My favorite present is probably the new Schwinn Cruiser. So exited to finally have a bike!

We went into Portland for lunch and stopped at jackpot to look at records.

What I wore today:


American apparel leggings and t-shirt, Lacoste booties, silly ghostie earrings, Nordstrom  BP blazer, Tokidoki bag, Fossil sunnies, Crazy Cocktail ring from the gold lamp.

I went to the crazy american apparel sale at the convention center with my friend Nike the other day. It was madness. People ripping clothes out of other peoples hands, people stripping and tearing open boxes…however, leggings were 8$ rest assured I bought enough for two life times.

We ate at Thai Peacock and said hi to Yo-yo, she’s the best. I swear the people there are like family now.

Mmmmmmmmmmm Curry…

These tights make my legs looks like trout.

In the midst of the prom drama I seem to have misplaced my raybans and unfortunately they don’t seem to be revealing themselves so I’m on the hunt for a new pair.

perhaps the crazy orange map ones?

I hope everyone’s weekend has been going as splendiferous as mine has! Enjoy the sun.



Because I can’t help it, I’ll throw in a prom shot or two.

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One response to “Sea Legs

  1. nike

    your leggings make me happy =)
    cuz i bought them with you! and over larged t-shirts!! woot woot

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