It’s been pretty quiet around here the past week….we’re remodeling the living room and main bathroom.

No TV for Monique, It’s depressing X10. Although I found out I got my Nordstrom Internship!

We went out to grab some cheap sushi yesterday night before I went to yet another party.

Mmmmmmmmm salmon

They have cute things on their front desk…did you know that you could compose your entire kitchen out of hello kitty elements?

Mini fridges, toasters, pancake makers, Ice cube trays…the list goes on an on.

Going shopping today! Suuuper excited…What am I on the look out for specifically?

-Ah-dorable Marc by Marc Jacobs make-up bag

-Suuuper Cute Hair Pin the sunglass girl at Nordies was wearing the other day

-Juicy couture locket

-Some awesome Aviators; RAY to the BAN baby!

-Betsey Johnson tangle necklace. More nauticals; LOVE HER!

-Ultra Cas “I’m on a yacht” topsiders

-The only cute snail on earth by juicy ; )

Also have I mentioned I’m obsessed with  all of the leggings I scored at the crazy AA sale?

No clue why I didn’t jump on this band wagon ages ago. Leggings > Pajamas!

Off to shop, more later.



Since we have no TV I’ve been coloring more:

“I am an octopus, draw me some tentacles”

“I am a squid, I also need tentacles…”

My Mom did the purple kitty:

Super cute right? The smallpox bird on the left was my doing…


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One response to “Update

  1. Congrats. And if you’re wondering, I’m from gaia.
    Ooh, hello kitty.
    Although I didn’t really like hello kitty as much, I liked other characters.
    Can I mention how much I like your pictures? Well, I already did so that doesn’t matter.
    Those pictures are cute. n w n

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