On the road again…

After 6 hours on the freeway we’ve finally reach the quaint town of Colfax.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about what my ‘casual wear’ consists of. To be honest it’s super basic. Jean cut-offs and big sweaters from the mens section. Here i’m wearing a nice Abercrombie sweater (mens section rules!), My new Rayban aviators, American eagle cut-offs, Juicy couture charm bracelet and some reef flip-flops we picked up in Coronado…The only place on the island that carried flip-flops and everything’s 30$ it was ridiculous.

My dutch brothers Cocomo Latte (new fav. by farrrrr) got cold while I was driving so when we stopped for some food I bought a pound of assorted gummy things. So for the rest of the trip my mother was feeding me strawberry dinosaurs while I passed semi’s on the freeway. I almost bought a bunch of sugarfree gummy things but a passer-by worker asked if I knew they were sugar-free despite the giant “SUGARLESS” sign on the jar and then proceeded to show me the wall of Gummy things.

Soooo delicious, I’m chomping on a jumbo-shark right now.

So while my mother and I were shopping a while ago we stopped into sephora and saw a bunch of crazy things. Apparently tokidoki makes cosmetics now…Which we found a little odd. Don’t get me wrong their stuff is even more ah-dorable than the Harajuku lovers stuff but going from clothing to make-up is a bit of a shift.  However, the cheeky girl checking us out at the counter told us that the liquid eyeliner rivals urban decays 24/7 cream pencils (I was buying a new one at the time in mildew). So I guess we’ll see.

Sorry these pictures are kind of ‘ishy’ all I had was my iPhone… you get the idea.

Although the idea of paying 10$ for nail files is silly the purse necessities they make are crazy-cute. Keychains, mints, everything you could ever need is there in ah-dorable little packaging.

I’ll be sharing a list of essentials quite soon but for now I’m going to bed.

Happy memorial day weekend everyone!


P.s. the new marc jacobs ads are awesome! My favorite so far, no doubt!


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