Went into Portland for some dinner with my mum.

Besaw’s is one of my favorites!

It doesn’t look like a ton from the outside but it’s wonderfully cozy and the food is some of the best i’ve ever had.

I had the pan-seared halibut with tomato ragu, toas point and black pepper aioli. My mother went with a ‘spring sprung’ salad and Besaw’s famous split pea soup. So so good. Apparently besaw’s was one of the first resturants in Portland and has most of it’s original structures including the bar tile.

So remember the Betsey Johnson crab necklace I wanted? Well unfortunately, not even the Betsey Johnson boutique had it in stock. So I ended up with this instead:

I love it but I still want my crab necklace and am considering ordering it online…but when I was snooping around the Betsey website I saw this new one and thought it would look nice layered with the one I’ve already bought.

So you tell me, the one above or below?

I need help. Major.

I’ve had the best week so far.



Turns out my boyfriend wears my dream rolex. Suuuper jealous.


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