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Yesterday my Mother and I hit a Saké house in Portland. Needless to say they have the best sushi and I will be going back tonight.

What I wore:

Vera wang cardigan, Vintage Chanel bag, Givenchy Pearls, Raybans, Thrifted leather booties, Random B.P. skirt, Kenneth Cole sweater, Favorite broach.

Tried to keep it simple, and comfy. While sifting through bowls of jewelry I found a new broach! Unfortunately it has some damage so I’ll need to dig out the…hot glue gun?

They play great club music and have more varieties of saké than any other saké house west of the Mississippi.

All in all a wonderful night, I start work tomorrow, and there are no manicures allowed… Wish me luck.



What was on my nails before I had to de-beautify them was Essies “pretty edgy”

I loved it even more than I thought I would.


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