So I’ve spent my weekend in Ashland with my mother. We needed an escape and had some tickets to Throne of Blood. A Kurisawa rendition of Macbeth in midevil Japan. It was absolutely incredible.

Betsey Johnson Dress, Coach Wedges, Jessica McClintock clutch, Vintage Rhinestone necklace.

We decided to stay in Jacksonville the night before the play. It was a ghost town but had some great risotto!

We had a really good time but it’s nice to be home, even if it is raining.

Our hotel room at the Jacksonville in was adorable. It was like staying in a dollhouse.

Hope everyone’s October is going well.



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Sure, why not?

Fendi sweater, Chanel bag, Michael Kors heels, Rayban Wayfarers, F21 jacket and Piggy ring + white skinny jeans.

Scooped this vintage Fendi sweater up the other day while my mom were out thrifting. Also managed to score a cute Betsey Johnson mini dress, some great coach heels and a few velvet dresses. It’s been a pretty boring weekend. Super quiet. But the sun came out which is a good thing! A sum of all the inspiration that’s been on my mind this week:

Hope everyone’s weekend was even more fabulous than mine!


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In the middle of juggling multiple projects as of lately. However, everything at Nordstrom has been going swimmingly!

A possibility I threw together for my manager…I spent half my paycheck on those Michael Kors booties and regret nothing! They’re fabulous and I love them.

School is a handful of days away and in all honesty I couldn’t be happier. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons, and even though the cloudy forecast means I won’t be able to wear those Anne Taylor pony hair leopard flats I wouldn’t trade the ominous gloom for anything. Not even Chanel. On another note i’ve noticed how distracted gorgeous interior designs left me lately. I’ve always had a soft spot but now I have folders of inspiration slowing down my internet and filling up my hard drive.

A few favorites:


Off to party in eleven hours


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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch at Mon Ami downton has become a tradition with my mother and I. It’s our chance to catch up over cappuccinos and crepe’s.

Betsey Johnson ring and necklace, L.A.M.B. bag, oversize GAP sweater, abercrombie skinnies, and old wedges from who knows where.

Delicious turkey, bell pepper and fetta crepe with fresh greens.

It’s been a great summer and I can’t believe it’s over. So sorry for the crazy slow down in posting! I’ve been out soaking up as much vitamin D as possible!

Sooo the best thing happened a while ago, the September issue came in the mail and among the editorials was one called ‘sweater girl’ that was solid Lara Stone. Some of my favorite shots:

Enjoy your last days of freedom Dolls!



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Yesterday my Mother and I hit a Saké house in Portland. Needless to say they have the best sushi and I will be going back tonight.

What I wore:

Vera wang cardigan, Vintage Chanel bag, Givenchy Pearls, Raybans, Thrifted leather booties, Random B.P. skirt, Kenneth Cole sweater, Favorite broach.

Tried to keep it simple, and comfy. While sifting through bowls of jewelry I found a new broach! Unfortunately it has some damage so I’ll need to dig out the…hot glue gun?

They play great club music and have more varieties of saké than any other saké house west of the Mississippi.

All in all a wonderful night, I start work tomorrow, and there are no manicures allowed… Wish me luck.



What was on my nails before I had to de-beautify them was Essies “pretty edgy”

I loved it even more than I thought I would.

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Why must it always be the four digit Louboutin’s that catch my eye?

By far one of the most fabulous ankle boots of the season; I’d wear them with everything.

It’s getting to the point where I’m spending my Saturdays scrubbing grout with a toothbrush. Yah, I’m that bored.

So if someone could puh-lease help me out, it would be much appreciated.


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Star Wars?

So it’s been forever and I am sooooooo sorry.

Prada butterfly sunglasses, Givenchy pearls, H&M dress, Vintage oversize Star wars t-shirt, Thrifted leather booties, F21 cocktail ring and fedora from the mens section at Nordstrom.

I decided that I’ve been dressing wayyyyy to serious. So while out shopping with an old friend I stumbled across this fantastic t-shirt. PRADA BUTTERFLIES! I’m so excited. I got these for a steal the other day along with a few other goodies that I will definitely be sharing soon and can’t believe their mine! This is my favorite shade of lipstick out of all of the tubes I own. ‘Grapesicle’ by clinique. Fantastique. I finally found a straw fedora and am lovin’ it.

I ended up buying the entire resort collection that essie put out and had used all of the colors religiously accept for the grey (“Playa Del Platinum”) and I absolutely adore it. Essie nail polish is just like Ralph Lauren paint. No matter what the color is, it always looks sooo good.

I haven’t tried any of the summer collection that came out but the emerald green (“Pretty Edgy”) is seriously intriguing me…

I’ve been doing a lot of thrifting lately, scooped up tons of goodies like a crazy silk leopard print jacket from the 80’s.

It’s the greatest thing ever. We had dinner at Fire on the mountain. Best wings on earth.

I hope everyone’s been enjoying their summer!



Summer pie….mmmmmm

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