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As promised the INCREDIBLE, danced Spring ’04 Alexander Mcqueen show.

Don’t usually make them this long, but this was an exception.

Almost drove into a cop car and killed us this morning (didn’t have my permit on me either).

Goooood times driving.

Mmmmmmm Ben and Jerry’s

Nothing like two scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough to make your day better.

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend!



My two favorite juicy ads ever:


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Mr. Lane

Seriously this Kenneth Jay Lane ring has to be my favorite cocktail ring I’ve ever come across and I wish I could buy one. He’s definitely my favorite jewelry designer..

It was a rainy day in Vancouver and I’ve been wanting to post this editorial for a while!

It’s from Harper’s Bazaar Russia, the November issue with Constance Jablonski on the cover.

Such a great editorial.

I wish it would stop raining…I’m just going to watch sleepless in seattle and finnish my latte…

current state of the union:

Latte > Sleep



I walked into sephora the other day and the saddest thing happened, As I browsed the well lit glossy aisles of premier designer cosmetics I realized something..

I don’t need to buy anymore makeup…The only thing I could buy would be a few new urban decay eyeliner pencils

I would buy them in:





…and possibly baked

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Big girl pants?


We’re starting to plant flowers in all of the patio pots

I’m so excited!


L.A.M.B. cardigan, Betsey Johnson earrings and necklace, Raybans, Abercrombie jeans, Kenneth Cole watch,

Random gray shirt and Anne Michelle heels.

Pretty relaxed today, L.A.M.B. cardigan!! When did that happen? Defffffinitely the best find of the day yesterday.

I found the jeans on sale at abercrombie 10 minutes before the mall closed while my mom was buying gadgets in Williams-Sonoma they were the last 0 in the store!

Also found a replacement school bag at j.crew

It’s huuuuuuuuuuuuuge! Only $ 10 at your local J.crew!

We hit up the grilled cheese grill, so sooo good

I had a hot brie which consists of ham, brie cheese, spicy mustard, grilled bell peppers, and tomatoes, on sourdough!

It reminded me of kindergarten..

My juicy bag needs some sort of ornament since the one it came with is ridiculous and I refuse to run around with a cowbell I think this will do nicely

Just came across Heidi Klums Golden Globe dress this year….

and to be honest I don’t even really know what to do with it. I always forget she’s married to Seal.

Happy Monday Kids,



Fantastic Plastic Machine. Listen.


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Weekly inspiration board #4

Shopping trip was huuuugely successful! Managed to scoop up a L.A.M.B cardigan, a cute Betsey Johson necklace and tons of other goodies! (which I will share very soon.) I’m so happy washington square added a fro-yo place.

Non dairy and Fat free, they know me too well.

The cherry blossom trees in Portland are starting to bloom and it’s gorgeous.

I’ve been saying it for years.

“Bebe + Kim Kardashian” and it finally happened.

A few shots from the collaboration:

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



tried on a hundred pairs of aviators today and as much as I wanted to buy the Pucci ones they just weren’t quite right, ended up with some silly pink F21 ones that were $ 5.40, hah!

Goodnight kids


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Sooo glad it’s the weekend I can’t even tell you how nice it is to have a break.


Givenchy Chocolate Pearls, Kenneth Cole watch, Betsey Johnson earrings, Raybans (thanks ma),

Random button-up, Joelle’s jeans, Saints and Sailors wedges and a Blazer from Victoria’s secret that I bought in San Diego a couple years ago.

Almost threw these out the other day, then I realized that they were the only red shoe I have to work with.

Hopefully that’ll change when we go shopping tomorrow. After two weekends of ditching me I finally backed my Mother into a corner this weekend to go since they finally published. (Victory! haha!!)

Just got done watching the hangover again…I forget how funny that movie is.

“We can’t leave the baby here, there’s a f#*%ing tiger in the bathroom”

Goooooood stuff. Hah, had the most relaxing Saturday. Grabbed a latté with my boyfriend and lounged around all day.

Doesn’t even look like Betsey Johnson to me! I love it but I didn’t even recignize it.

Well Kids, busy day tommorow….I’m off to bed!



I’ve changed nail colors like 8,000 times this week. Minty candy apple to Lilacism to Gargantuine Green Grape and am currently wearing Pop Art Pink. I think I’ll try Tart Deco tomorrow. So far I love the Lilacism the best!

And another thing:

Juicy Couture has some cute new charms out.

Favorite is definitely the tea pot

HEART SHAPED SUNNIES? I think sooooooo

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What I wore the other day:

Nordstrom Platinum heels, Chanel sunnies, Angora leopard cardigan, Juicy Couture bag, Givenchy pearls, Kenneth Cole watch, vintage velvet shirt borrowed from mom and the usual skinnies.

I love these heels so much, their satin and sooooo tall.

I finally got my lilac nail polish! We ran by Ulta and I just picked up the spring set plus a pastel green OPI

Hope everyone’s enjoying the sun around here…it’s such a nice change!



I found my Betsey Johnson posts finally! I was convinced I’d lost them…

Could use some new Betsey though and I know exactly what I want:

Some coolio airplane earrings

And a crazy necklace…

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There’s nothing worse than waking up with a fever…Accept waking up with a fever on Valentines day…

Sushi bar and Movie plans with the boyfriend got thrown out the window when I got up fell down shoved a thermometer in my mouth and scream-read what it said.


So instead of actually doing anything over my three-day weekend I’ve been sitting on the couch watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians”; Alone.

Oh well… The plaid flannel shirt I scooped up the other day has been my only companion. I’ve decided a portion of my closet’s going to be dedicated to men’s plaid flannel shirts…they’re just so darn comfortable.

Wearing: Lacoste booties, Kenneth Cole watch, J.crew tank, Plaid flannel shirt, Jeans I ripped up a year or so ago and

A necklace from my belly dancing days.

Bought this crazy piece at a nook called ‘the gypsy caravan’ a few years back when I used to belly dance.

I decided funky pastels are my favorite nail polish colors.

I think I’m going to end up buying the entire spring collection of essie polishes.

My favorites are probably:

Tart Deco


Neo Whimsical

However, Van D’go look awesome and Pop art pink has a very “Khloe Kardashian” feel since I always see her with baby pink squared off nails.

Wish I was in New York right now…hope everyone’s enjoying fashion week.



Lately I’ve been falling in love with a lot of the stuff out at L.A.M.B.

Favorites? :

Isn’t that bag great?! I think I’ve found my new crush…sorry Marc looks like Gwen’s won my heart again.

Happy Presidents Day kids.

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