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On the road again…

After 6 hours on the freeway we’ve finally reach the quaint town of Colfax.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about what my ‘casual wear’ consists of. To be honest it’s super basic. Jean cut-offs and big sweaters from the mens section. Here i’m wearing a nice Abercrombie sweater (mens section rules!), My new Rayban aviators, American eagle cut-offs, Juicy couture charm bracelet and some reef flip-flops we picked up in Coronado…The only place on the island that carried flip-flops and everything’s 30$ it was ridiculous.

My dutch brothers Cocomo Latte (new fav. by farrrrr) got cold while I was driving so when we stopped for some food I bought a pound of assorted gummy things. So for the rest of the trip my mother was feeding me strawberry dinosaurs while I passed semi’s on the freeway. I almost bought a bunch of sugarfree gummy things but a passer-by worker asked if I knew they were sugar-free despite the giant “SUGARLESS” sign on the jar and then proceeded to show me the wall of Gummy things.

Soooo delicious, I’m chomping on a jumbo-shark right now.

So while my mother and I were shopping a while ago we stopped into sephora and saw a bunch of crazy things. Apparently tokidoki makes cosmetics now…Which we found a little odd. Don’t get me wrong their stuff is even more ah-dorable than the Harajuku lovers stuff but going from clothing to make-up is a bit of a shift.  However, the cheeky girl checking us out at the counter told us that the liquid eyeliner rivals urban decays 24/7 cream pencils (I was buying a new one at the time in mildew). So I guess we’ll see.

Sorry these pictures are kind of ‘ishy’ all I had was my iPhone… you get the idea.

Although the idea of paying 10$ for nail files is silly the purse necessities they make are crazy-cute. Keychains, mints, everything you could ever need is there in ah-dorable little packaging.

I’ll be sharing a list of essentials quite soon but for now I’m going to bed.

Happy memorial day weekend everyone!


P.s. the new marc jacobs ads are awesome! My favorite so far, no doubt!


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It’s been pretty quiet around here the past week….we’re remodeling the living room and main bathroom.

No TV for Monique, It’s depressing X10. Although I found out I got my Nordstrom Internship!

We went out to grab some cheap sushi yesterday night before I went to yet another party.

Mmmmmmmmm salmon

They have cute things on their front desk…did you know that you could compose your entire kitchen out of hello kitty elements?

Mini fridges, toasters, pancake makers, Ice cube trays…the list goes on an on.

Going shopping today! Suuuper excited…What am I on the look out for specifically?

-Ah-dorable Marc by Marc Jacobs make-up bag

-Suuuper Cute Hair Pin the sunglass girl at Nordies was wearing the other day

-Juicy couture locket

-Some awesome Aviators; RAY to the BAN baby!

-Betsey Johnson tangle necklace. More nauticals; LOVE HER!

-Ultra Cas “I’m on a yacht” topsiders

-The only cute snail on earth by juicy ; )

Also have I mentioned I’m obsessed with  all of the leggings I scored at the crazy AA sale?

No clue why I didn’t jump on this band wagon ages ago. Leggings > Pajamas!

Off to shop, more later.



Since we have no TV I’ve been coloring more:

“I am an octopus, draw me some tentacles”

“I am a squid, I also need tentacles…”

My Mom did the purple kitty:

Super cute right? The smallpox bird on the left was my doing…

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Sea Legs

Prom and my birthday were yesterday! Had the best time. Between switching limo’s, getting hit on at PF Changs and the chocolate fountain it made for an interesting night. My favorite present is probably the new Schwinn Cruiser. So exited to finally have a bike!

We went into Portland for lunch and stopped at jackpot to look at records.

What I wore today:


American apparel leggings and t-shirt, Lacoste booties, silly ghostie earrings, Nordstrom  BP blazer, Tokidoki bag, Fossil sunnies, Crazy Cocktail ring from the gold lamp.

I went to the crazy american apparel sale at the convention center with my friend Nike the other day. It was madness. People ripping clothes out of other peoples hands, people stripping and tearing open boxes…however, leggings were 8$ rest assured I bought enough for two life times.

We ate at Thai Peacock and said hi to Yo-yo, she’s the best. I swear the people there are like family now.

Mmmmmmmmmmm Curry…

These tights make my legs looks like trout.

In the midst of the prom drama I seem to have misplaced my raybans and unfortunately they don’t seem to be revealing themselves so I’m on the hunt for a new pair.

perhaps the crazy orange map ones?

I hope everyone’s weekend has been going as splendiferous as mine has! Enjoy the sun.



Because I can’t help it, I’ll throw in a prom shot or two.

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farfalle & fendi’s

What I strutted around in today. It turned out to be like 75 and bright and sunny today! It was woooonderful to finally get some vitamin D.


Raybans, Givenchy pearls, Guess heels, H&M dress, Nordstrom BP boyfriend blazer, Anchor broach, Juicy charm bracelet, Clutch from Contessa

We went to ferrars for some early dinner. LEMONADE! Is my favorite thing in the world right now.

Super yummy farfalle with mushrooms and endive!

Having an off day, need to finish my dress tonight…Birthdays on Saturday! So exited!!!

So I decided that this super cute Fendi needs to be mine:

What are some of the crazy bags your lusting over?


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Basket Case

What I wore the other day when I had my Nordstrom interview! I think it went pretty well, I should find something out this week.


Vera Wang wedges, Raybans, Kenneth Cole watch and sweater, Lucky Brand jeans, Givenchy pearls, vintage basket (with coach scarf) and iPhone (with Juicy couture case)

My mom spotted this bag in one of our favorite thrift stores, Red light. I immediately thought of the Chanel bags that came out a little while ago.

Red Light is the greatest 80’s thrift store, it’s huuuuuuuuuuge!

It’s filled with chunky sunglasses, lumberjack flannels, crazy fur coats and ridiculous acrylic sweaters.  Bought a great new pair of shoes yesterday courtesy of Guess. I don’t really have any super strappy heels like this aside from the Vera Wang’s I’m wearing….

Had the best Monday to date,

Field trip to Portland art museum tomorrow! Super excited.


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Neutral Stance

Finally wore this Ann Taylor snuggy that I bought in Salt Lake over spring break…

Ann Taylor Loft Snuggy, Chanel bag, Lucky Brand ruffle blouse, Givenchy Pearls, Fossil Sunnies, The usual skinny jeans and Anne Michelle heels.

I think cream is my favorite neutral. There’s something so comfy but prestine about it.
These sunglasses have quickly become my favorite I love the movie star quality about them. It’s the ridiculous size for sure.

My Juicy Couture iPhone case came today! Sooo excited, it’s adorable.
I forgot that the button was a heart when I ordered it.

Icing on the cake baby!

Happy Monday Kids.


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Mouse Trap

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I carry around in a purse from day to day and I figured I’d dump everything out of my big juicy bag and show you.

Sunglasses, my iPhone that i’m permanently glued to, some mini nail polish (this is essie’s new turqouise and caicos), keys, wallet, some antistress blackberry tea, my bejeweled measuring tape, lipgloss, mascara, powder, magnifying compact, a few portable scents (viva la juicy and harajuku lovers lil angel) , a cannon G11, some magazines (usually vogue, teen vogue or vanity fair), a great pen and my little danish gnome (for luck)

I dunno if anyone remembers the Marc Jacobs mouse flats that were all rubber and came out in oh…I dunno like fall ’08?

Well while perusing through saks I saw a gorgeous patent blue flat and stopped dead in my tracks. These flats had ears, whiskers and a tail…and I realized something. These weren’t just any pair of overpriced patent leather flats…they were the new marc jacobs mouse flats!

Are those not the most gorgeous things you’ve ever seen! I only a few pairs of flats…some Calvin kleins, springy Burberrys, a great pair of Anne Kleins and some basic black BCBG paris flats.

I may love heels more than anything, but this may be a pair of flats I just can’t live without.


The stitched tail on the back is ah-dorable.

This weekend was the best, went to a few parties,

had a spa day (olive oil treatment, anti stress chocolate mask, aromatherapy candles etc.) and started working on my dress for prom.

Isn’t the fabric incredible? I’m a sucker for silky chiffons.

May has finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier, my birthday’s just around the corner and in a number of days I’ll finally turn 16!



finally bought the essie resort collection and am in love with it! Lapis of Luxory is currently residing on my fingers. Also, these MJ flats not only come in an array of colors but have a sister gem version:

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